Homeland Star Rupert Friend Tipped To Replace Paul Walker


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If reports are to be believed then Homeland Star Rupert Friend has been signed on for the role of Agent 47. This was the role that Paul Walker was suppose to be doing – up until tragedy stuck and Walker passed away in an unfortunate car crash.

Rupert is better known as Peter Quinn from Homeland or even recognised as Keira Knightley‘s ex-boyfriend. He is one of the few actors who can atleast try to keep up with Claire Danes character. Rupert has been part of some memorable films like Pride And Prejudice, where he essayed the character Mr. Wickham, then as Prince Albert in The Young Victoria. One cannot forget his character in The Kid.

Though the plot details of the Agent 47 are still unknown, the film is a sequel to the Hitman (2007), starring Timothy Olyphant. Hitman was was based on the Square Enix Video Game.

Chuck Gordon, Alex Young, and Adrian Askarieh are producing Agent 47. Twenty Century Fox is distributing the film and Daniel Alter will be executive producer for the same. Aleksander Bach will be directing the film that is being scripted by Skip Woods and Michael Finch.

Though Twenty Century Fox  is handling distribution, Fox International and Square Enix were the driving forces in getting the film up and running, Walker’s commitment was a major reason for the film getting a green light. But after the actor died it looked as if this film would not be able to move forward, since the production start date was set for February 2014 and there was no major star involved.

Our sources tell us that that given the video game’s popularity overseas; Fox was willing to give the film a shot even without a star like Walker.

Of course, no one can ever replace Paul Walker, but if Rupert ends up stepping into this Agent 47 role, he certainly possesses the talent to do the role justice.

Here’s wishing Rupert Friend and the entire team of Agent 47 all the best.