Is Amber Heard Only Interested In Johnny Depp’s MONEY?


[tps_footer]As the Amber Heard – Johnny Depp divorce battle proceeds, it also gets increasingly murkier. After the claims of domestic abuse by Amber, the duo has now found a fresh new way of mudslinging. While Amber Heard is adamant about sticking to her version of events, sources close to Depp allege that Amber is in it only for the money.


According to sources, Amber’s restraining order letter is nothing more than a bid to weed out money from her ex-husband. While Heard claims that money has nothing to do with it, our attention is draw to a letter filed by Heard’s lawyer in court. Amber’s lawyer sent a letter to Jake Bloom who is Johnny’s entertainment lawyer on May 24th. This was a mere three days after Heard was allegedly attacked by Depp and when she claimed to be the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Depp.


In the letter it is stated that she’ wishes to work quickly towards a private and amicable resolution of all matters, but she will need Johnny’s immediate cooperation to do so.Amber’s lawyer and representative also have added that she wishes to do so without the presence of the public eye. The financial demands made by Amber’s lawyers include temporary spousal support, use of their Range Rover, and possession of their downtown L.A. penthouse apart from $100,000 for her lawyer’s fees and another $25,000 for business people.

Sources close to Depp have added that she never voluntarily sought out Johnny to ask him to voluntarily stay away from her; she simply dragged him to court. Well, is this ll just a charade to extract money from Depp or is it all just a big misunderstanding?[/tps_footer]