James Franco Rewards Roles And Sushi Rolls For Raising $500K Through Crowd Funding


When he is not directing rap videos, or teaching or throwing a party during apocalypse, James Franco is either acting or planning to make his next film. There’s just too much to the actor than his acting alone. 

And the latest trend that James Franco has adapted is to go the crowd funding way to raise money for making three films. The multi-faceted actor is all set to raise $500K for making three films based out of his novel ‘Palo Alto’

James Franco will not direct the 3 movies – Memoria, Kiling Animals, Yosemite, but produce them. The films will be directed by new filmmakers. James Franco, partnered with Indiegogo, and raised $45179* in less than 24 hours, which is significant.

The proceeds will also go towards Art Of Asylum an NGO catering to children with medical conditions. At the same time, James Franco has planned to cast donators contributing $5000 and get to dine with James Franco and get treated with Sushi rolls for contributing $10000.

James Franco currently stars in the apocalyptic comedy, ‘This Is The End’ and his film ‘As I Lay Dying’, an adaptation of William Faulkner adaptation, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

The actor who was nominated for the Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his brave performance in Danny Boyle’s ‘127 Hours’ surely is making news. Collecting such a huge amount in such a less time is surely great sign to kick start the campaign.

“Although it’s a work of fiction, it was inspired by the experiences I had growing up here, things that people I knew went through,” says James Franco on the campaign website.

While he surely isn’t the first of the celebrities to have gone the crowd funding way, (Veronica Mars Film, Zach Braff sequel to Garden State both raised funds on Kickstarter) but he surely is the fastest to have collected a fairly large sum in less than a day. Way to go, James Franco!

 (* The $45,179 is the latest official figure available)