Jennifer Aniston​ Bares Her Life!


In the last few days, actor Jennifer Aniston has bared a lot about her personal and professional life to the media. She spoke about her experience while playing the role of Claire Simmons, who lives with overwhelming chronic pain, in the film Cake. According to the star, the most fascinating aspect of the character was her unrelenting sense of humour, which shone bright in spite of the grappling pain she was continuously experiencing. Having gone through many difficult times herself, Aniston agrees that remaining in touch with humour is a sufferer’s only way to retain the balance of mind and sanity!

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The actor did not hesitate to talk about her twenty years battle with dyslexia! Aniston has also recalled how she had a difficult relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow! She feels that her mother was too critical about her, very unforgiving and temperamental. The lady also spoke about her ex-husband Brad Pitt and maintains that they wish well for each other even if they are not communicating to each other regularly. She is now engaged to her Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux. Jennifer admits that her past has taught her to stay grounded with humour during difficult times!

The role of Claire Simmons in Cake has earned her a nomination for Golden Globes Award and Screen Actors Guild Awards, among many others. Aniston said a lot of people suffering from similar pain actually reached out to her after watching the film.

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