Jennifer Garner Has Won Many Little Hearts Single Handedly!

[tps_footer]Jennifer Garner is in no mood to let her divorce process depress her or ruin her peace of mind. In fact, this beautiful actor and charmer has won many little hearts recently, and we are here to tell you all, How did she do this ?

Dimpled beauty Jennifer is busy with her upcoming film The Tribes of Palos Verdes at the Friendly Hills Country Club, the female students of Grazide Elementary School in Hacienda Heights, California, were spotted happily dancing the evening away along with their lovely and lively mommies. But then a surprise by Jennifer made this event an unforgettable one and more joyful.


Jennifer paid a visit to all the young ladies and greeted their mommies as well and especially thanked her younger ones for being so good to her and giving her such a warm welcome when she dropped by to say hello to all of them, “Thank you all for being so patient because I know movies can be a hassle to have shooting around you.”

Initially, Jenny had a thought that her visit may not go that well or what sorts of reactions she will get from others who are trying to party and are facing interruptions from her movie shoot. But everything was picture perfect the moment she came in and people were more than happy to have her with them.


We are sharing with you a post from Penelope Han, who was there at the event with her daughter and she couldn’t stop herself from praising Jennifer and her sweet gesture,

And last but not least.. Jennifer Garner stopped by ! She was shooting a movie upstairs and decided to stop by and say hi to the girls. #loveher#jennifergarner #actress #moviestar#onlocation #sosweet#haciendaheights #whittier#grazideelementary #grazide


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