Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Pitbull Team Up For Latin Explosion


Tommy Mottola’s documentary, The Latin Explosion: A New America is all set to premiere on the small screens on November 16, 2015. The documentary which will see amazing bunch of Latino personalities will be aired on HBO and HBO Latino. The highlight of the project is that highly talented and celebrated personalities Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull will also be contributing to the same.

The documentary will show a different perspective as to how different music artists were responsible for Latino’s popularity in the 90’s. Not only will the documentary film highlight the musical aspect of the Latino but will also showcase how it created an impact on the cultural and historical scenario.

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According to reports, The Latin Explosion: A New America will highlight the popularity of the artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Marc Anthony etc. other than the mentioned artists, the film will also focus on the 50’s cha-cha and mambo trends in relation to Desi Arnaz and Rita Moreno and artists Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano in 60’s. Moreover the much awaited film will also throw a light on the salsa trend in the 70’s.

The intellectual piece is directed by Matthew O’ Neill and is narrated by John Leguizamo. Giving a completely new direction to the music world the much demanding documentary is aiming to highlight the history of Latin music in United States as well as its impact on its social tires i.e. cultural, social and political. The audience will also be treated with featured interviews of JoseFeliciano, Anthony, Martin, Cheech Marin, Romeo Santos, Eva Longoria, Thalia, Sofia Vergara and many more.

The documentary is surely a much awaited one as it will be for the first time that all the music legends will be on one platform giving the first hand narration of their successful lives.

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