Johnny Depp Surprises Fiance With A Rare Gem


johnny depp Main coverJohnny Depp has made a generous gift of a rare Ernest Hemingway book to his fiancee Amber Heard. The extravagant gift cost him only 125,000 pounds.The celebration didn’t end there. They had a romantic overnight date at a New York city hotel to bring in her 28th birthday.

Johnny Depp also picked up an 18th century poetry book and  a leather bound diary. Amber Heard was delighted at the gesture.

Revealed a source, “Johnny‘s head-over-heels in love with Amber and isn’t scared of grand gestures to show just how much he appreciates her. He went all out for her birthday, sourcing rare books that she’d had her eye on for quite some time.”

“He then went with her to pick them up at the shop, making out that it was a complete surprise that they happened to have them in stock,” added the source.

Johnny‘s so crazy about Amber that people in his inner-circle wouldn’t be very surprised if they had already married in secret and just don’t want to announce it officially yet,” stated another source.

The evening was made even more special by Johnny Depp by organising roses in their suite and a string quartet to play for them at dinner.