Matthew McConaughey – The Real Life Hero

Matthew McConaughey Main coverNot only is Hollywood superstar Matthew McConaughey an on-screen hero, but turns out the handsome actor is just as heroic, off-screen too!

The Oscar winning Hollywood A-lister Matthew was recently lauded for rescuing the life of a baby seal. Matthew McConaughey was recently on a surfing trip in Malibu, Los Angeles, where he spotted a few children poking and prodding a tiny baby seal washed ashore, with a stick.

McConaughey swung into action, and immediately rushed over to prevent the kids from doing so. Sources added that he also delivered them a stern lecture about kindness towards fellow creatures.

Revealed a source, “Matthew McConaughey told the kids the seal wasn’t hurt, it was resting and sunning itself – and that young pups do this all the time while the mother seal’s swim close by until they are ready to re-enter the sea. After a 20-minute lecture on sea life, the kids were so anxious to get away that they didn’t even bother to ask the star to pose for a photo.”

The kids were probably too stunned and embarrassed to ask Matt for a selfie!

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