Justin Bieber Shocks His Fans On Twitter!



[tps_footer]The nineteen year old pop sensation, Justin Bieber sent out messages over his Twitter feed stating that he is all set to retire. Now the timing could not have been more perfect as on the same day his latest biopic documentary hit the theaters. Aptly titled Justin Bieber’s Believe, the film follows the trials and tribulations of the singer since his 2011 biopic.

Justin who nearly has about forty eight million followers on twitter wrote: “My beloved I’m officially retiring”, now this was followed by another message that read: “I’m never leaving you, I AM HERE FOREVER.”

This retirement message went out on the night of Christmas Eve and by the following morning had nearly a quarter million re-tweets and over two lakh  favorites.

It is puzzling as to why Justin Bieber would suddenly step out of the limelight at this particular moment, unless he is doing all this for publicity and making sure that his fans flock the theaters to catch the glimpse of their icon one last time. It could also drive his fans to watch and see if there are any clues in the film as to why he is stepping down.

Justin’s Manager Scooter Braun revealed that he told Bieber to take a break from public scrutiny and concentrate on his music.

All said and done Justin Bieber’s official announcement of retirement seems a bit over-the-top and still seems a drastic move.

Be it his scuffle with a photographer outside a London hotel during his European Tour or threatening his Los Angeles home neighbour or his involvement in a so called hit and run case when we struck a photographer with his Ferrari sports car while driving away from a comedy club in Los Angeles, Justin has been involved in a series of headline-grabbing incidents over the past year.

Now post all these issues and his announcement to retire all we can do is wait and watch Justin Bieber’s next move because for all you know it could also be an elaborate joke![/tps_footer]