Justin Bieber Spends Quality Time With Ex, Miley Cyrus


Justin Miley Cyrus Main coverThe “beliebers” aren’t particularly going to like this bit of news. If a recent tweet from his father Jeremy Bieber is to be believed, Justin Bieber spend some quality time with his ex, Miley Cyrus, before heading out to the recording studio.

Ardent fans may believe that Justin is trying to make girlfriend Selena Gomez jealous, by hanging out with his ex. We recently reported that Justin Bieber gifted Selena a gold ring, fuelling speculation that the two were engaged, but it now seems like all is not well in teen-ville.

Reportedly, Justin Bieber had some free time on his hands last evening, and chose to spend it with Miley. His father Jeremy Bieber allegedly accompanied the young star to meet Miley. We now know where Justin gets his way with women!

Jeremy tweeted: “Change of plans. Quick hello to @mileycyrus and off to the studio with @Justinbieber @JazmynBieber”

Selena will surely not like to learn about her boyfriend’s latest afternoon out with Miley. We just hope that this doesn’t impede their possible union in the near future.

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