Lady Gaga Turns 27 ‘Mad-Hatter’ Style!


LOS ANGELES: Lady Gaga turns 27 today and Queen of ‘Bad Romance’ is all set to throw a ‘Mad-Hatter’ Styled tea party with her beau Taylor Kinney.

It is said that Gaga has always been quite obsessed with drinking tea and always carries tea sets on tour to keep her happy and warm with her special tea. So, Taylor and a few friends have decided to put together an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed tea party for our favourite Pop Star!

Our sources revealed “A tea party is good idea because Gaga is still on painkillers after the operation of her hip so she shouldn’t be drinking any alcohol.”

“Gaga has also been bought a Victorian poison bottle for the birthday. She’s been collecting the antique blue and green glass containers after creating her Fame perfume, as she loves the morbid look of the skull and crossbones logo on the bottles.” They added.

After her hip injury Gaga has been spending a lot of time resting. It’s been quite a struggle for her to handle the cancelling of her ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour. We hope that this Special Tea Party helps our Mother Monster to Cheer Up a little bit!