Lady Gaga’s 24-Carat Wheelchair Post Hip Surgery

‘Born This Way’ artist Lady Gaga has gotten herself an aquarium and a gold wheelchair to enjoy her post-surgery rehabilitation.

HOLLYWOOD: Mother Monster Lady Gaga has done it again. Lady Gaga called in for a 24-carat gold plated “chariot” and imported 27 exotic ‘koi carp’ fish from Japan to entertain her as she recovers from her hip-surgery.

The controversial ‘Judas’ singer Lady Gaga was seen enjoying in probably one of the most lavish wheelchairs, especially for her by her designer, Ken Borochov of the prestigious brand ‘Mordekai’

“I certainly wasn’t expecting that phone call and have never done a wheelchair but am always up for a challenge and was thrilled to create what I affectionately dubbed the Chariot, a chair fit only for a queen,”

Creative genius Borochov has clients like Nicky Minaj and Kanye West but he was still taken aback when he received this unusual request from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s wheelchair is completely gold plated (including the rims), has a black leather seat with a removable canopy, padded leg rest and gold plated breaks. This wheelchair is inspired by vintage motorcycle jackets and can recline if Lady Gaga wants to relax.

Lady Gaga has also installed a massive fish tank in her home and imported 27 exotic koi carp fish from Japan to entertain her as she recovers.

A source said ”Gaga said she’d had a dream about the fish so she had her team source some koi and set up a massive tank. The whole exercise cost over £40,000, which is a lot to most people but small change to her.”

“As they wheeled me into surgery today, I thought about all of your pain and perseverance, your unique family situations, school environments, health issues, homelessness, identity struggles – sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me,” Lady Gaga said to her fans.

Lady Gaga’s friend Lady Starlight recently told MTV that her eccentric friend Lady Gaga is going to wed Taylor Kinney this summer.

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