Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide

The late iconic pop star Michael Jackson, has always kept his kids away from the media glare. That seems to have long gone as the kids have led a public life. The singer’s daughter Paris Jackson has been hospitalized after attempting suicide.

LOS ANGELES: Paris Jackson is not an unknown face to the world. The 15-year old is the only daughter of late legendary pop star Michael Jackson. 

She and her brothers Prince and Blanket have led a very private life, until Michael Jackson’s death. The star made sure that there is no media interference and always shied making appearances with kids. He also made them wear masks and baggy clothes, so that they could not be recognized.

Paris Jackson, however is a popular face post her father’s death. She is fighting a multi-million dollar lawsuit against event concert promoters AEG Live, who the family holds responsible for Michael Jackson’s death in 2009.

Another news that has been reported is that the 15-year old has been hospitalized as she tried to attempt suicide. Whether it is drug overdose or a result of multiple cuts on her wrist is still unsure.

Ms Howansky, the publicist for the Jackson family, just made a statement and said, “She’s recovering and you know, a good thing was it wasn’t an intensive care situation. She’s going to be fine.”

Paris Jackson, who is a cheerleader at her school, isn’t shy of making public appearances and tweeting about her personal life though. Quite contrasting to what Michael Jackson had planned for his kids.

With the pending lawsuit, and being the iconic Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson’s life surely isn’t as luxurious and non-paparazzi as it seems to be.

Get well soon Paris Jackson.

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