Netflix To Launch In India By 2016

NetflixVideo On Demand giant Netflix is aiming on its global expansion which is not a hidden fact. According to recent revelations it seems like the streaming provider will launch its services in India by the end of 2016. While Netflix spokespersons have not confirmed the news yet, their statement does not even deny the fact as the company says their plans for a full global expansion have been transparent. If Netflix hits Indian market, service providers like Hooq, Hotstar,  Ditto TV and Eros Now might be in for a tough competition.
Hooq was launched in India by production companies Warner Bros, Sony Entertainment Pictures and Singapore telecom giant SingTel in June. The ad-free service will include Hollywood and Indian films sourced from the likes of leading production houses like Sony, Warner Bros, Disney, Dreamworks, Miramax, Disney India’s UTV, Reliance Entertainment, Yash Raj Films and Rajshri Films amongst others. From the company’s plans, it looked like Hooq was aiming to be Asia’s Netflix.
The ever growing rate of mobile and internet users in India is one of the potential reasons why VOD service giants are aiming to penetrate Indian markets at this point of time. According to reports India has about 970 million mobile subscribers which is number 2 behind China that has 1.27 billion subscribers. The number is said to cross 1 billion by the end of 2015. India’s infrastructural incapabilities compared to developed countries might be one of the reasons why Netflix and other global service providers have been hesitant to set up their base there.
Hooq’s catalogue currently includes Nikita, The Sheild, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. Films like Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Pulp Fiction etc. Some of the best TV shows distributed by Netflix include Sense8, Orange Is the New Black, Marvel’s Daredevil, Marco Polo, House of Cards, Bloodline, Arrested Development and The Killing among others. Internet is definitely a growing technology, and with Netflix’s arrival, things will get more interesting for the audiences.