Norah Jones Dedicates Maiden Indian Performance To Late Ravi Shankar


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MUMBAI: American musician and songstress Norah Jones dedicated her maiden Indian performance to her late father, sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar.

Performing live at ‘A Summer’s Day’ music festival at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai, the audience was treated to a soul-stirring performance by the smooth vocalist, best known for her super hit singles like ‘Come Away With Me’ and ‘Don’t Know Why’.

Looking lovely in a teal blue dress, Norah was the epitome of grace and class and sophistication, as she wowed her Indian fans with her debut performance in India. And it was perfectly apt that she dedicated the performance to her late father, renowned sitar guru Ravi Shankar who passed away last year.

Norah revealed that she was very excited to be playing in her father’s home country, when she said: “Since my first album, I have (done) a lot of different kinds of songs – it makes for a really good variety in the show, and they all fit together in interesting ways. I have a great new band, and I’ll be playing some piano and guitar. It’ll just be really fun I think.”

Asked about her preference for Indian music, Norah admitted that her father and sister Anoushka Shankar are her personal favourites. “I’m mostly familiar with my dad and sister, they’re my personal favourites. I have a really great old Bollywood soundtrack compilation that I listen to sometimes. I do love old Bollywood music.”

Matthew Ward, the American singer-songwriter playing along with Norah in India on the tour said his only exposure to Indian music has been the compositions of Ravi Shankar. He said, “I’ve been listening to Ravi Shankar since I was in high school. I have a lot to learn about the latest music being made in India now.”