Olivia Taylor Stumped Fifty Girls And Bagged The Lead In The Vatican Tapes

Olivia-TaylorWhile making sure that the story of The Vatican Tapes was grounded in reality, the filmmakers needed to find a leading female protagonist who embodied normalcy otherwise but had the ability to carry out the lead girl. Angela’s complex and emotional demonic possession. They found that in Olivia Taylor Dudley, who had a noteworthy presence in Oren Peli’s horror film, The Chernobyl Diaries as well as other films such as Moneyball and The Dictator.

Director Mark Neveldine expands on the long process of searching for the right actress to play Angela. “We went through a hundred casting tapes and we brought in fifty girls, and kept looking. We had a couple girls that we really liked but they just didn’t have that X factor.”

“Olivia came in and within ten seconds I said, ‘This is Angela.’” remarks Neveldine. “We all knew it. You just felt it. She’s really impressive. She’s the anchor of the film and what makes it work.”

While the filmmakers were quickly drawn to Olivia Taylor Dudley upon first impression, the actress also had a strong initial reaction to the script.

“Angela is both the villain and the victim. She is the lead of the movie and the heart and soul, so we went through a very long and focused process in casting,” says Producer, Gary Lucchesi. “We were very much taken by Olivia’s ability to balance vulnerability with toughness.”

“I read the script and it actually gave me a nightmare, which never happens,” recalls Olivia Taylor Dudley. “I read the screenplay at night and the very next day I called up my agents and told them I needed to be a part of this film. It affected me and made me feel something.”

The Vatican Tapes will be releasing in India within the week of its US premier on 31st July, 2015.

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