OMG! This Actress Makes A Shocking Confession On Her S** Life




Hollywood celebrities are always in the limelight for making daring confessions.  Celebrity Amy Schumer has now stated something very shocking about her intimate personal life. The diva who is one of the most popular stars in the west world was a guest at The Howard Stern Show.

It is very much known that Stern’s talk show is popular for its eye-raising topics of s**. Moreover, the guests on the show are not spared of any controversial questions too. Starlet Amy Schumer who is equally daring and frank when it comes to discussing her love life was all comfortable with the jarring questions thrown at her.

Amy confessed on her intimate life with live-in partner Ben Hanisch. Schumer stated, “When it comes to sex, I lay there like I’m going to get a CAT scan so I’m not pleasing anyone. You know when you start dating someone, you’re like, ‘I love giving head?’ I don’t know what it is. I was just too busy. Too tired. No lies. Too busy. We love having sex with each other, but there’s no performing. He’s so sweet, I hope his parents don’t listen to this, oh my God! His parents (in Illinois) are the sweetest people. His mom always seems like she was just called down as a contestant on the ‘Price Is Right.”

Well, we do not know how to react on this!