Brad Pitt-Angelina Divorce: Actor Accused Of Child Abuse!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce has shocked the world. The duo who was earlier known for giving relationship goals to all has now reached a stage wherein they are ready for a legal separation. Angelina filed for divorce earlier this week and she has also stated about having the sole custody of the children. The actress has stated that Brad be given visitation rights.

Reportedly, the reason for their separation was Brad Pitt’s anger issues and substance abuse. Well, another shocking detail has now come about. The famous actor is now also accused of child abuse. Brad is being investigated for verbal and physical abuse against his children. The agency which is investigating the matter has stated that they cannot deny or approve of the allegation as of now as the case is still under study.

The sources close to Brad express that there is no truth in the matter and that Pitt has always wished the best for his children. Apparently, it is reported that Angelina and Brad Pitt had a tiff while they were on their private jet which led to the divorce.

Additionally, Brad’s name was also tagged along with Marion Cotillard who recently confessed on her pregnancy. The actress has denied all the allegations. Angelina had already spoken of Brad’s ill parenting skills but the child abuse matter was not in the picture until now.

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