OMG! Michael Jackson Had A Secret Son?

brandon and michael Main coveOrganisers of an off the wall DNA test claimed to have proven that Michael Jackson is the biological father of singer Brandon Howard.

At first, the DNA test allegedly showed that aspiring singer Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson‘s son. The genetic mystery, is that Michael Jackson’s son reached a bizarre peak at a press conference in Beverly Hills that was organized by shipping heir Alki David and streamed live on his website.

Brandon Howard wasn’t present for the hyped announcement, but confirmed in a Facebook post that he gave a DNA sample for the test.

Doctor Joseph Goodman, a Beverly Hills dental surgeon, revealed the results, and claimed that he obtained a sample of Michael Jackson’s DNA from a dental device that he bought at an auction.

Doctor Joseph Goodman pulled a piece of paper from an envelope and said the test showed the probability of the King of Pop being a parental match was 99.9 percent.

Despite Goodman’s claim, the paperwork did not include the names of the test subjects or the name of a testing lab, but David told viewers such tests are typically done anonymously and that other information was redacted as a security safeguard.

Brandon Howard has admitted that Michael Jackson is a big inspiration for his work, but he claimed that he had nothing to do with Alki David’s press conference.

“I’ve never self-proclaimed to be Michael Jackson’s son,” I am definitely not suing the estate. I am taken care of very well and also, I make my own cash.” Brandon Howard said in a Facebook video.

Brandon, who is believed to have been born in 1981, has long been rumored to be the child of Michael Jackson, referenced in the 1982 hit Billie Jean with the line: The Kid Is Not My Son. The Jackson family has long been aware of speculation that Howard is Michael Jackson’s son.

Confusing the issue more, is that singer Augie Johnson, a backup singer on Michael Jackson’s 1979 album, Off The Wall, has declared that he is Brandon Howard’s real father.

Augie Johnson‘s attempts to reach Brandon Howard, who does not have a birth certificate, was not immediately successful. His mother, pop singer Miki Howard, has also appeared in the 1993 movie Poetic Justice with Janet Jackson.

Will this mystery ever be solved? Only time till tell.

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