Oops! Beyoncé Accused Of Plagiarizing Dance Moves


Lemonade-Beyonce[tps_footer]Beyoncé has been much in the headlines lately for her latest release Lemonade. The artist who is making all the positive rounds for her album has now landed in a rather embarrassing hassle. Beyoncé Knowles has been accused of plagiarism of dance moves. The singer who is a world sensation has been blamed for stealing dance routines.


According to an artist named Marlyn Ortiz, Beyoncé has stolen the dance routines from the shows De La Guarda and El Descueve and others. The dancer who has blamed the Lemonade artist took to the photo sharing app Instagram and posted the same saying, “I’m sorry I don’t bash artist! But I respect fellow creative artist…and don’t like to use social media to promote something that can be perceived as negativity…”

The caption further stated, “BUT Beyonce you have the nerve to steal exact concepts n choreography from other real creative genius. You stole from @breakingsurface you stole the stomping from #delaguarda @fuerzabrutanyc it’s ok to be inspired but at least make the effort to make it your own. Also @crazyhorseparis_official the saddle scene!! Let’s keep it real people!!!”


Apart from the case of plagiarism Beyoncé has done something shocking yet again by cancelling her concert. The artist has cancelled her one of the concerts from her Formation Tour. The reason for the cancellation is even shocking as it is said that the singer had to cancel the show due to low ticket sales. Well, the official reason for the cancellation is not yet announced.[/tps_footer]


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