Priyanka Chopra To Play An ‘Aircraft’ In Disney-UTV’s Hollywood Flick

Actor/rockstar Priyanka Chopra is now all set to be an Aircraft called ‘Ishani’ in Disney-UTV’s upcoming ‘Planes’

MUMBAI: Bollywood Actor/Rockstar Priyanka Chopra is all set to play an “aircraft’ named ‘Ishani’ in Disney-UTV’S upcoming film, ‘Planes’.

The ‘Barfi’ actor Priyanka Chopra’s voice has already created ripples in the music industry post her album ‘In My City’ and now she is all set to do the same in Hollywood. Priyanka will be lending her voice to a lovable “aircraft” called ‘Ishani’. The actor-turned-singer has been cast opposite Dane Cook who will be the voice behind ‘Dusty Crophopper’

The film, ‘Planes’ is to be directed by the director of the ‘The Simpsons’, Klay Hall.

Reveals a source, “The makers of ‘Planes’ were on a lookout for an Indian voice for Asian character ‘Ishani’. Siddharth Roy Kapoor, CEO of UTV Motion Pictures recommended Priyanka Chopra.”

The film is scheduled for release later this year. Adds the source, “Priyanka Chopra will be dubbing for the original English version of the film, while the possibility of a Hindi version is still being discussed.”

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