Quantico Recap: Alex Parrish Is One Step Closer To Finding The Terrorist!


Priyanka-Chopra-Quantico[tps_footer]Quantico’s episode titled ‘Clue’ was a major bummer. Why? Because the episode is just all hype and did not give much to the audience who have been waiting to know who the real bomber is.

The episode picks up right where it left off last week when Alex Parrish ( Priyanka Chopra) tells Hannah everything- about the voice who is the bomber and is threatening to kill her friends, about Natalie being dead and almost everything that has happened.

Here are the things we learned from Sunday night’s episode ‘Clue’.

  1. In the present timeline, Hannah who disliked Alex’s method to find the voice who is threatening her came on board to help her and Simon when she realized Natalie is actually dead. She joins them to find out this person is and is ready to stop him.
  2. In the NATs timeline, Caleb’s roommate Will, in the previous episodes, found out that his roommate goes by another name called Mark Raymond. He later confronts to why is he using an alias. Caleb spills it all and this time, he is doing it for his friend Ross Edwards. He revealed that he and his friend Ross had oined Caleb joined Systemics but his dad  Clayton Haas had pulled him out of it within few months. But, they didn’t let Ross out. This is the reason he wants to help his friend and wants to find out whether Ross is even alive or not.
  3. In the NATs timeline, Will also opens up about his dark secret about the time when his sister died. His sister died when he was nine and could have been saving with a blood transfusion. But, his father was reluctant to do it due to his Christian beliefs.
  4. In the present timeline, the voice changes his/her plans to attack the place where Claire Haas will be giving her speech. Hannah, Alex, and Simon reach the venue on time but things take the wrong. Hannah fires a shot when she thinks someone is going to kill Claire. instead, nothing happens and Hannah gets arrested for firing when surrounded by a massive crowd.
  5. Things between Ryan and Alex also hit hard when Ryan believes that she set Hannah up for some selfish reasons.
  6. The voice calls Alex and, this time, is quite okay with the part where Alex failed what she was asked to do. Simon and Alex are quite surprised when they find out that there is lab above the place where Senator Claire Haas was giving her speech. Maybe something was stolen from there. That is when they realize that have finally found one clue about the terrorist.

Well, a lot happened in this episode yet it feels like the episode was too much dragged. One step closer to finding who the real bomber is. Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Quantico’ airs on Sundays at 10pm on ABC.[/tps_footer]