Sam Smith Speaks About His Life

Sam Smith has recently spoken about the painful incidents of his life, which inflicted his growing up years. Nominated for 6 Grammy Awards, the 22 years old singer recollected how he has faced prejudices for being gay. People have abused him in front of his father; he was beaten up just out of nowhere after he moved to London.

He also recollected his most innocent heartbreak when he wrote a love letter to a classmate, 2 years senior to him, and received a long, thoughtful letter in return which clarified that the later was straight and considered Smith to be a friend! What touched the singer most about his classmate’s gesture was that he behaved like a true friend, caring enough to be discreet without divulging any unwanted details anywhere; had he so desired he could have made Smith’s life miserable!

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The star also came out candid while voicing his insecurities as a singer! He said that he wants to lose weight, and though he enjoys it when applauded for not looking like other pop stars, at times he wishes that he had abs like Justin Bieber!

Known for being an unusual pop star, who carries a different style and is brutally honest about his contributions to music, Smith was brave enough to say that if he wins the Grammy he would pass it off to American pop star Beyonce because he feels that she deserves it more than him!


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