San Andreas Trailer: The Earth Will Shake Again

Dwayne-JohnsonSan Andreas directed by Brad Peyton stars Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Colton Haynes, and Paul Giamatti.  The trailer of the film San Andreas is devastating and surprising in its initial sight itself. The character of Dwayne Johnson appears as promising as possible.

The movie has come up with three official trailers which are equally eye shattering. The intensity of the sound of skyscrapers crashing and people crying for their lives is having a static intensity in itself.

The movie reflects how humanity crashes down on the eve of a disaster, how we get affected mentally when our loved ones are the one to be rescued.

The aerial shots are breathtaking and mind boggling. The catchiest phrase amongst all the trailers is “the shaking is not yet over, the next is going to be a bigger monster”.

The trailer engages the viewers in its immediate and sudden shots giving a sensitive feel to the movie. However, the ground crashing on in the scenes are enough for one to go ahead and watch the movie.

With the world already struggling with natural disasters; the makers of the film are trying to adapt a different marketing strategy as to not hurt the sentiments of the people around the world. The movie will hit the screens on May 29 this year.

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