Scarlett Johansson Gives A Peek At Her New Rib Cage Tattoo


Well it’s no secret that Black Widow Scarlett Johansson is obsessed with tattoos. The Hollywood beauty has numerous tattoos on her different body parts and seems like she has gotten one more which she finally revealed few days back. At the recent Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallons, we got a sneak peak at Scarlett’s new tattoo!

The actress wore a beautiful white cutout dress for the show where the keyhole of the dress made it possible to catch a glimpse of her new tattoo. Although it wasn’t fully visible, we’re guessing it’s a bird as it looks quite much like wings. Waving her hand and showing off her previously done sunset tattoo Scarlett seems to be very comfortable by the idea of getting her body inked.

Previously the actress has made several tattoos on her body including a horseshoe design which reads ‘LUCKY YOU’ and a small tattoo on her ankle which is two interlinked circle with the letter A in one of them. The Avengers star had earlier on several occasions made it clear that although tattoos make her happy, she prefers keeping the meanings behind them a secret and let them remain private.

Well if that’s not all, the recently released Saturday Night Live video starring Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow is completely hilarious! After Scarlett’s wish and the possibility of a new Black Widow film on the way, the SNL show makers made this video with her narrating how the story of Black Widow’s film might go. Keeping the storyline as cliché as possible, Scarlett’s acting in the video is outstanding! Take a look at this unofficial trailer of Black Widow and tell us if you’d like to see a film like that made for real!

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