Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Still In Love


[tps_footer]Both, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber never tried hiding their love. In fact, these two are one of those ex couples of Hollywood, who have been open and frank about their relation and have shared it with fans and media. Yes, a lot have been speculated about them and at times have annoyed them. But they have learnt to cope up and survive in the entertainment world and give hit songs one after the other even after ending their relationship.


It was “Grammy’s night”, Selena Gomez walked in with her BFF Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber brought his younger brother Jaxon. Soo cute !! Selena Gomez waited and watched Justin‘s performance on his song “Where are you now”, which is said to be about Selena Gomez, just like his songs “sorry” and “what do you mean ?”, is said to be about her. And Selena Gomez wished him the best and congratulated him for winning Grammy again. Selena Gomez‘s entire album “Revival” especially, the song “Same old love” is said to be about Justin Bieber. So, it’s not just Taylor Swift who is writing and singing songs about her exes and bagging Grammy and all the other prestigious awards for herself. She left an influence on her Bff Selena Gomez too, a pretty contagious influence, I must say, because it reached Selena‘s ex Justin Bieber as well. But good to see that they are getting mature with age, with time and have learnt to appreciate each other, instead of being bitter about their past.


Recently, it was also rumoured that Selena Gomez‘s closeness with Brad Pitt is the reason behind Brad to file for divorce and part his ways from his wife Angelina Jolie. Selena Gomez, seems to be a big “Charmer” and is speculated to be the reason of jealousy for Angelina, but nothing is confirmed yet about this case. But certainly it’s confirmed that Selena and Justin can have a good relation and can be friendly with each other, if not Bff then. A very happy moment for all of their fans to see Selena and Justin happy for each other. This is also a form of love, which very few couples can have after break up.[/tps_footer]