Selena Gomez Reveals About Her Rare Disease Which Has No Cure!

Hollywood star Selena Gomez has recently opened up about her battle with the autoimmune disease named Lupus, that apparently has no cure. The young star made some shocking revelations in which she told her fans that she was first diagnosed with it almost three years back. Selena managed to keep it all a secret while undergoing chemotherapy for the same, and states that she had to take a break from music due to her health condition and nothing else.

Selena Gomez has surely been through a lot and now the strong independent musician is finally opening up about it to the world. While everyone was busy making allegations like she’s going to rehab for some sort of addiction, or that her breakup with Bieber has left her estranged from her career etc, the truth is completely something else. Gomez has been undergoing treatment for Lupus which is said to be an autoimmune disease with no cure yet.

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The actress recently opened up to Billboard Magazine during an interview stating that she badly wanted to tell the world and the naysayers that they have no idea what she’s going through. The actress felt like everyone is just being an a**hole without really knowing what she’s been dealing with. Selena locked herself away until she was confident and comfortable again. And now with her next music album ‘REVIVAL’ being released, Selena thought it was the right time to tell the truth to everyone.

Selena Gomez has left her fans heartbroken who cannot believe that the star kept such a big truth hidden all these years. She has now opened up to them over social media, as well as during her appearance in Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. The Disney star is surely overwhelmed by the caring response she has received from thousands of her fans who wish her the best. Well we surely hope Selena wins her battle against this disease!

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