Sherlock Special Teaser: Sherlock Holmes And John Watson Travel Back To Victorian Era!

Sherlock-HolmesAfter a pretty long wait, the boys are finally back! This time, things are going to be different as Sherlock goes back in time. Yes, Sherlock TV series, which is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, do solve puzzles and mysteries but all set in modern times. The teaser of Sherlock’s Special extended show, however goes back in time to the Victorian London era!

This is nothing less than a pure delight for all the Sherlock fans as the last episode was telecasted in January, 2014 and after a veryyy long wait, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back and oh, they look perfect in this old school avatar! As revealed by Steven Moffat, the special series will be screened in selected theatres around the world this December, 2015. The teaser starts with Mrs. Hudson welcoming Sherlock and Watson, as they return back to 221 B Baker Street.

As he gets down from his carriage, Sherlock is greeted by Mrs. Hudson, who says, “Mr. Holmes, I do wish you would let me know when you’re planning to come home,” to which Sherlock replies, “I hardly knew myself. Mrs. Watson. That’s the trouble with dismembered country squires, they are notoriously difficult to schedule.” In this Sherlock’s special show, we’ll just not see Mrs. Hudson showing people upstairs and just serving breakfast! We’ll get to see Mrs. Hudson in a broader perspective as her character gets more lines.

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Well, Sherlock’s special show didn’t just go back in time to follow the original outline but they have also put a moustache on John Watson’s pretty face! Yes, in this special show, we see Sherlock in a sleek hairdo whereas the big transformation is reflected on our dearest John Watson, who now has a moustache and there’s a funny reason behind it. Apparently, the illustrator, who handles all the illustration works for John’s books, is so ridiculously out of the line that John had to grow a moustache for his readers to recognize him!

Now what we are really curious about is whether we’ll get to see the femme fatale “The Woman” aka Irene Adler in this special show or apart from Sherlock and Mycroft, the third rumoured brother will make his big entry in this one. To all these questions, the writer of this special Sherlock show, Steven Moffat kept his mum and revealed absolutely nothing. However, if what we hear is true, Moffat hasn’t even yet started writing Sherlock series fourth season, which is scheduled to premiere in 2016. Well, coming back to teaser trailer, we also see the little boy that was present in Sherlock’s third season, during John and Mary’s wedding. The teaser made everyone laugh with its conclusion which read, “Coming soon…ish”. Couldn’t be more apt!

After this special extended episode of Sherlock, the TV series will return with its yet another three-episode season.

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