Shocking! Meghan Trainor Confesses She Had A Drunk Make Out With Charlie Puth!


[tps_footer]Meghan Trainor seems to be on a chill pill these days with her daring confessions. Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth made headlines when they kissed passionately on stage at the American Music Awards. The two grabbed all the eyeballs for their sudden flow of chemistry. Even with all the floating speculations about their love errand, Meghan and Charlie have always maintained that they are nothing more than buddies.


The celebrated artist Meghan Trainor has now made a shocking confession on Charlie Puth. During a recent interview in a magazine Meghan confessed that she had a drunk make out session with Charlie Puth in a studio while recording a duet. The starlet confessed that they were recording and she kissed him. Nevertheless, Trainor added that it was just once and they never did it again and used to then hang out only like buddies.

After the much in news AMA incident, there have been several reports of them dating. However, none of the two stars have accepted the same or confessed about the same.   Meghan and Charlie have given several clues which hint at the fact that they are too close. We wonder why the two celebs are keeping their relationship a secret!

With Meghan’s shocking confession we are now waiting for Puth’s reply![/tps_footer]