Splitsville For Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta Zones



NEW YORK: After thirteen years of togetherness Hollywood star couple, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Zones have decided to call it quits. The couple has filed for divorce. 

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Zones had got married in 2000, and have appeared only once together as co-stars in the film ‘Traffic’. The couple has two children, son Dylan and daughter Carys, from their marriage. Michael Douglas also has a son Cameron Douglas, currently in the news for his drug addiction and is serving a jail sentence.

The actors had got married after dating and share a lot of things in common, whether it is their passion for golf or the same date (25 September) when the couple shares their birthdays.

Inspite of the twenty-five year age difference, the couple had been steady with their relationships. But recently due to Michael Douglas’s throat cancer and Catherine Zeta Zones being diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, the couples have been facing relationship issues.

“Catherine and Michael are taking sometime apart to evaluate and work on their marriage”, said their publicist Cece Yorke.

Well thirteen years of marriage! Lucky for some, unlucky for many we guess!