Suri’s Security Top Priority For Tom Cruise, Shells Out $50,000 A Week


LOS ANGELES: The ‘Oblivion’ star, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might have gone separate ways, but the actor is paying a high price for the protection of their child Suri. 


Tom Cruise is paying close to $50,000 a week for the security of his daughter, the seven year-old Suri. Cruise wants Suri to be protected from the paparazzi and has hired bodyguards for the same.

While Tom Cruise has two rings of plain clothed security agents surrounding him, it’s the double for Suri.

Katie Holmes has left the decision to Tom Cruise. She strongly believes that money is no object when it comes the safety of Suri. She has asked Tom Cruise to handle the security of Suri.

The guards have weapons and keep guns in the trunks of Katie’s SUV limos. It just means tat Katie Holmes can breathe easy with these men on the job.

With Tom Cruise handling the security of Suri, it’s ‘Mission Impossible’ for any mishaps to occur, especially when one is paying such a huge price.