The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Chris Cooper Is The New ‘Green Goblin’!


NEW YORK: The Academy Award winning Hollywood actor Chris Cooper has bagged the role of ‘Norman Osborn’ in Mark Webb’s upcoming superhero flick “The Amazing Spider-man 2”

Chris Cooper is an addition to an already all-star cast of villains which include Jamie Foxx who plays ‘Electro’, and Paul Giammatti who portrays ‘The Rhino’. Although it’s surprising to add another villain to the heavy list, ‘Norman Osborn’s company ‘Oscorp’ was heavily featured in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Not to mention the character is the alter ego of the ‘Green Goblin’, who is the super villain of the Spider-man series.

Chris Cooper is well known for superb performance in drama films like ‘American Beauty’, ‘The town’ and ‘Adaptatio’n – for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This will be one of Cooper’s first negative roles. Whether or not he will turn into the super villain in this film or its sequel is undisclosed, but with ‘Electro’ and ‘The Rhino’ in ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ there seems to be little room for him to turn into ‘Green Goblin’ in this one!

‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ directed by Marc Webb stars Andrew Garfield as ‘Spider-man’, Emma Stone as his love interest and Dean DeHaan as Harry Osborn – Spider man’s best friend and Norman Osborn’s son. Other additions to the star cast include: Felicity Jones and Clom Feore, but with unspecified roles. The film’s screenplay is written by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinker and the story is by James Vanderbilt.

The filming began on 4 February, 2013 with Marc Webb posting on twitter to let us know that the principal photography had begun. Sources reveal that this will be the first ‘Spider-man’ film that will be filmed entirely in New York.  This super-hero’s super-film is all set to hit the theatres on May 2, 2014.