Tyga Gets Kylie Jenner Back In A Way That SHOCKED Us All!


Kylie-Jenner-Tyga[tps_footer]We last told you about how Kylie Jenner was being a completely catty person to her once-beau Tyga with a stream of provocative and tauntingly raunchy picture with PND (PartyNextDoor). Yes we felt really sad for the rapper too when his 20 year old ex-girlfriend started sending out Snapchats and messages to hurt the man intentionally. While he was reportedly disgusted and looked down on Jenner, he definitely wasn’t one to be left to the dogs.

The 26 year old is not one who has ever been perceived as ‘immature’ ever before but the post-breakup scene between the duo has just reached new lows. After the very disturbing slew of photos that cropped up through Jenner, Tyga has taken a rather bold and badass step and ‘BLOCKED’ the model’s number. According to sources, Tyga is done with Kylie Jenner for now. Is it that the rapper has no interest in this game of cat-and-mouse and one up-man ship anymore?

Jenner has often taken the opposite of the ‘moral high ground’ and according to reports; she is willing to do anything to get under his skin. Apparently to irk Tyga, she sent pictures where PND was wearing a chain that Tyga had gifted his then-girlfriend as a token of his affection and devotion. After she sent pictures of herself canoodling with her so called ‘current’ boyfriend, Tyga decided that he’d had enough and that it was to put some distance and barriers between him and his torridly immature past.

That’s the not – so –pleasant saga of how Tyga is dealing with his breakup with another one from the Kardashian clan. Do you think Tyga regrets this relationship and the rather ugly turn it took before tragically ending?

Do you think that the two might just get back again given their ‘on again’ – ‘off again’ history?[/tps_footer]