‘Veronica Mars’ Movie: Raises $2 Million Pledge Target Within Hours!


LOS ANGELES: Lately we’ve been seeing more and more films, bands and artists leaning on crowd funding to help produce their work and we have a brand new addition to that list: The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie!

Since the cancellation of ‘Veronica Mars’ (the TV Series), creator Rob Thomas and the show’s lead Kristen Bell have been trying get the movie made. In a last ditch effort, Thomas met with Warner Bros. executives and they struck a deal. If he could raise $ 2 million in 30 days via ‘Kickstarter’, Warner Bros. would be on board and will distribute the finished title.

On 13 March 2013 Kristen and Rob started the ‘Kickstarter’ fundraiser and hoping to reach the goal of $ 2 million with the help of ‘Veronica Mars’ fans. The campaign offered various incentives to those who donate more than $10. Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas, Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, and Jason Dohring created a video to promote the campaign.

The goal was met within 10 hours of the start of the campaign. In its first day, the project broke the record as the fastest project to reach first $1 million, then $2 million; the highest minimal pledging goal achieved; and the largest successful film project on ‘Kickstarter’.

The film’s production is planned to begin in summer 2013, with a projected release in early 2014. Looks like the dream of all the ‘Veronica Mars’ fans is finally coming true!