Watch Trailer: This Inspiring Documentary On Cristiano Ronaldo’s Life Will Touch You!

The official trailer for a documentary based on footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s life was released few days back and the social media is going gaga over it. The 2 minute trailer is downright inspiring to the core and will keep you hooked even if you’re not a football fanatic. Even a layman who has no idea about football knows who Ronaldo is, and surely the football fans will agree that he’s one of the greatest of all time.

The trailer touches various aspects of the star’s life like how he started from the bottom when he was only 12 years old. How he had to sacrifice his personal life in order to train and achieve greatness in the sport that he loves more than anything else. The documentary keeps all the focus on Ronaldo’s personal life as well his professional life. From his friends to family, everyone has been included in the making of the documentary.

Interestingly, Ronaldo’s biggest on field rival Lionel Messi has also been shown twice or thrice in the trailer. And at one point there’s a scene on field where Ronaldo and Messi share the screen space. That was epic! Thus it was a smart way to attract Messi fans towards the documentary as well. Recently a spoof video showing Messi mocking Ronaldo’s trailer had surfaced. But Spanish fans have dismissed it by saying that the translation is totally rubbish and made to look like Messi is dissing Ronaldo.

The trailer shows a very deep bond between the footballer and his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. The father son duo share a very good equation and little Ronaldo also aspires to become a football legend like his father. Ronaldo had legally acquired rights to raise his son who he had after an apparent one night stand with a British student. Ronaldo had faced a lot of trouble during this time of his life which will also be seen in the documentary.

The trailer ends on a funny note when Ronaldo’s son says he wants to become a goal keeper, and Ronaldo says, “Are you kidding me?” Well we’re definitely excited to see what the documentary offers. Watch the trailer here and tell us what you think!

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