What’s Brewing Between Justin Bieber And Nicola Peltz?


[tps_footer]Justin Bieber has had quite the journey into his career from the shy little kid who hailed from Canada to the artist of tracks like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Where Are You Now’ that have left even his most seasoned-haters impressed.  While his breakup to the ‘Same Old Love’ star Selena Gomez was absolutely tragic and gut-wrenching for fans, looks like JB is back to the old dating scene with a bang.

According to sources, Justin was seen cozying up to none other than pretty blonde Nicola Peltz of ‘Transformers’ fame. Apparently, the leggy lass has been the object of JB’s attention for a while now and their date was long overdue. The date consisted of two of the having a nice dinner and what looked like absolutely engaging conversation. To top it off, sources also say that JB was really pulling out the big guns by being extremely charming and like the perfect gentleman. Well, looks like the once most hated person on the internet cleans up well!

Justin who was busy touring the last couple of weeks is now taking a little holiday with friends at the beach where he was seen taking up water sports like jet-skiing. Sadly the unexpected sun exposure has left him sun burnt. In spite of what was probably a very painful experience; JB was the perfect date to Peltz and was seen smiling, making conversation and occasionally leaning in to talk to his date Peltz.

We wonder what fans have to say to Justin’s new romantic liaison and more importantly, how Selena Gomez reacts to the news of her old beau shacking up and moving on with someone else.