Anupama’s Real-Life Challenges Were No Less Intense Than Her Reel Life Challenges

Rupali Ganguly, the star of Anupama, is popular for reasons other than the show; her simplicity and compassion resonate ten times stronger. It was clear from the interview she delivered during her birthday week.

Every household has heard of the TV show Anupama, starring Rupali Ganguly. Her portrayals, whether as Anupama or as Monisha in Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai, all reflect simplicity, purity, and strength. She can also be headstrong yet humble.

While her fame has reached new heights with the show, the actress revealed that her childhood had its share of ups and downs. Daughter of ace producer Anil Ganguly, Rupali recalled that her father faced several hardships, one of which led to the family selling their house. “While others were on lavish holidays, we were learning editing and video production,” she added while sharing her childhood tales about how unadorned their life was. 

“Dad had collaborated on a film with Dharmendra. When his USP was making movies quickly, it took three to four years to complete. Saaheb got completed in 40 days. We used to go to the sets after school and were made to stand in for extras. However, the family suffered a significant financial loss as a result of the four-year wait for the release of this Dharmendra picture. But that’s okay; whatever goes up must come down. “She disclosed.

She went on to say that being an actress is the easiest of the various components in film production and the success of an actor is due to the writers and other units such as directors and cameramen.

Anupama, according to Rupali, emotionally bonds her with her father because he has always portrayed women as strong entities in his works. We can say that like father, like daughter. They have both achieved success in everything they have pursued with enthusiasm, whether it is directing or acting.

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