Dreams Do Not Die in Prison

The movie Dasvi is a complete package of comedy with a crucial message about the importance of education. The plot centres around Abhishek Bachchan’s character, Ganga Ram Chaudhary, a rustic politician who finds himself in jail and decides to complete his 10th-grade exams while confined. Yami portrays Jyoti Deswal, a Haryanvi police officer, and Nimrat Kaur portrays Bimla Devi, Ganga Ram’s wife, who succeeds him as Chief Minister following his imprisonment.

It was common for convicts to contact the crew indirectly with messages or requests for autographs, but there was one thing that Yami kept with her from the place. It was a powerful story about parenthood and love from a prisoner.

She said, “There was particularly one inmate, his story kind of stayed with me. I didn’t even meet him. But he sent his register just for an autograph and with a picture of his daughter. And it had written notes which he prepared for his daughter, who is a teenager. And it had different career options – if she wants to become an IAS officer, this is what she needs to score in 12th, and so forth. If she wants to join the army, this is the procedure. And if she wants to become a banker. .. and of course, that has happened at the library. I am sure that’s where he had gathered all the information.”

The trailer is fun and intriguing. Releasing on the 7th of April, it is to see how the audience finds the movie. Sending our love to Abhishek Bachchan, Nimrat Kaur, Yami Gautam and the team.

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