Adnan Sami pens ‘Roya’ a song to his wife

Adnan Sami
MUMBAI: Adnan Sami is ready to hit another high note. He has just written composed and recorded a song dedicated to and about his wife Roya which recreates the entire nightmare situation that was created in his life by his previous wife and the subsequent sparkle and light that Roya has brought.

The song goes Roshni hai kahan roshni, mehak hai kahan mehak, Roya darling Roya. It will be released next month. It was meant to be released on Valentine’s Day, but got delayed because in Adnan’s words, "I wanted the song for my wife to be like a polished diamond."

Says Adnan, "It is a song  dedicated to the love of my life. And it’s called ‘Roya’. No ambiguity there. See, hum artistes bade haraami kism ke insaan hote hain. We create romantic works of art and then say it’s dedicated to whichever beautiful woman we come across. But  the song ‘Roya’ is about and for my wife ‘Roya’. It’s there for all times to come."
The song actually goes into the dark areas of his struggle to battle it out in and of court with his second wife. And one wonders if Adnan’s previous wife  wouldn’t come up with legal objections  to being identified as a source of pain in song form.

Adnan is nonchalant. "Let those who have caused pain know the damage they’ve done. My song is about love and finding it after a long struggle. Roya came into my life at a time when my life had hit rock-bottom. She pulled me out of the most painful phase in my life, showed me the light. For two years now I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol. If I’m singing today it’s because  of her."

Says Adnan, "Ours(Roya and Adnan’s) love story is inspirational to me. I believe it can be inspirational  to others. What better way to make my acting debut than to tell the story that touches on the most beautiful aspect of my life?"
While Adnan will star as himself his wife’s part won’t be played by Roya. We have reason to believe that Rani Mukherjee is being finalized for that part.