Archie Pena in India to cut Hindi album


MUMBAI: International music producer and Latin rhythm guru Archie Pena has arrived in India for his new Hindi music album.

Pena will be working with music director Veivek Asthana, music designer Dhrubajit Gogoi and rhythm player Shyam Edwankar during his stay in India from 8 to 14 June 2007.

Says Gogoi, “We are working on two albums together, one is Indi-pop for which the music is scored by Veivek Asthaana and sung by S Runjhun, with live percussions played by Shyam Edwankar and Archie Pena.”

He adds, “The other one is an instrumental fusion album of Indian classical and Latin Jazz for which the music is designed and scored by all of four together and we have recorded a Ragmala in the voice of Veivek Asthaana, live percussions played by both  Archie Pena and Shyam Edwankar.”  

The recordings will be done at D Music Designers studio in Mumbai on 10 June and the video shooting will take place on 13 June at Aarey Colony in Mumbai.