BIG FM aids AIDS awareness campaign


MUMBAI: FM, in association with Heroes Project India has initiated a week long HIV and AIDS awareness campaign to keep the public informed about the reality, myths and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. The campaign which will be carried out both on-air and on-ground will focus on spreading the right information and will urge people to stop discrimination towards HIV infected patients.

In terms of on-air promotions, BIG FM will air eight questions related to HIV and AIDS everyday and listeners need to SMS their answers to 55454. The right answers for the questions will be given by an HIV infected person the next day who will also explain the reality about HIV and AIDS.  On-ground it will be RJ Yo Yo who will go across to various locations and interact with people and ask them questions about HIV and AIDS and he will also hand out various literature related to HIV and AIDS to the people.

BIG 92.7 FM Chennai station head P. B. Ramaswamy said, “HIV and AIDS is a cause of concern not only because the numbers of HIV infection is increasing but also because there are various myths and misconceptions related to them. Another area of concern is discrimination towards the people suffering from it. BIG 92.7 FM in association with Heroes Project India has come forward to spread the right information about HIV and AIDS through on-air and on-ground activities.”