BIG FM initiates traffic month in Kanpur


MUMBAI: BIG 92.7 FM has come forward to improve the traffic conditions in the city of Kanpur. BIG 92.7 FM along with Traffic Police – Kanpur, have initiated the – ‘TRAFFIC MONTH-NOVEMBER 2007’ –drive in the city to educate the people about the traffic safety norms. The month long activity commenced on 1 November and will end on 30 November 2007.


The inauguration saw, the SP City – Alok Saxena along with R L Varma (SP Traffic Kanpur) inaugurating the Traffic Month with a green card camp for two wheelers. As a part of the traffic month, green card camps will be organized at various locations across the city along with hosting traffic awareness workshops at different schools. Also, a BIG traffic awareness rally will be organized by officials of the Traffic Police department wherein NCC cadets along with BIG 92.7 FM’s RJs will be out rallying for the cause.


Chandan Kapoor, Cluster Head Marketing (UP), BIG 92.7 FM said, “It has always been BIG 92.7 FM’s endeavor to ensure that we positively impact people’s lives and this initiative is an extension of the same. The Traffic Month has two different motives – firstly, to spread awareness about road safety rules and legal laws and secondly to educate school children about road safety issues related to overloaded auto-rickshaws, general rules for school buses etc. I am grateful to the Traffic Police Department for their support and am confident that together, we will be able to make a difference.”


RL Varma, SP Traffic Kanpur said, “Traffic conditions in the city need to be improved. The reason this far was that people in city were either ignorant about the traffic rules or didn’t care to abide by them. In this month long activity we will try to make people responsive, aware and finally responsible towards traffic laws. Our idea is to educate people that traffic laws are for their own benefit in a manner which appeals to them emotionally. Radio Stations are extremely effective to communicate this message, given its high penetration in the city and we are happy that a corporate like BIG 92.7 FM has come forward for this month long initiative.”