BIG FM introduces transparent rate card


MUMBAI: BIG 92.7 FM has introduced a transparent, uniform rate card that brings with it the assurance of credibility and fairness to all clients. The rate card will come into effect from 6 August, 2007.

BIG 92.7 FM COO Tarun Katial said, “Our success in our first year of operations is largely attributed to the great support we have received from both agencies and clients. With our 45 station network nearing completion, we recognise the need to offer a simple and effective way of investing in BIG FM. This rate card is a step in that direction, easing the process of investing, in a time and age where businesses are so dynamic and there is a need for quick and cost effective solutions.”

The introduction of a transparent rate card for advertisers in radio comes at a time when the current rate cards in the categoryhold little or no relevance amongst media buyers and are not taken as a serious offering as rates are inflated and always have to be negotiated.

BIG 92.7 FM vice president sales Praveen Malhotra added, “Our rate card has fixed rates for every possible investment option on the BIG 92.7 FM network. We have clearly stated buyer benefits, bundles, buy more pay less advantage and most importantly, transparency of rates. The most important thing a rate card can achieve is to reflect mutual trust and confidence, and we are committed to being the network advertisers can trust for quality, value and effectiveness.”