BIG Music, Big Pictures launch music of Dholi Taaro Dhol


Mumbai: BIG Music and Big Pictures launched the music of the forthcoming film Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage. The film revolves around the theme of rhythm & romance.

Directed by Govindbhai Patel, Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage is a story of passion for the dhol and for love. Raju, a dhol player from lower strata of the society meets Mansi, daughter of a prosperous Thakur. Raju has inherited the legacy of playing the dhol from his father. With his passion for the musical instrument, he wins the heart of his lady love. However, they face opposition on grounds of tradition and social status. Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage is the story of Raju & Mansi’s journey to overcome all odds in pursuit of the love and togetherness.

Govindbhai has involved two legends of the Gujarati Film industry for the film — Upendra Trivedi and Naresh Kanodia, who have come together on screen for first time. The film also stars Roma Manek, Feroze Irani, Nishat, Kesha, Ishwar, Reena.

The music has been composed by Arvind Barot and Mahesh Bhavriya. The music release of the film marks the grand entry of BIG Music into mainstream Gujarati cinema.

Big Pictures COO Mahesh Ramanathan said, "Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage is undoubtedly a film close to our heart at Big Pictures as it marks our foray into Gujarati Films. We are proud to be associated with G. N. films as they have consistently entertained the audience with great music in their films."

Big Music & Home Entertainment CEO Kulmeet Makkar said, "BIG Music is honored to be associated with the release of the music of Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage. Govindbhai has been responsible for silver jubilee hits like Dhola Maru, Hiran – ne – Kanthe & Laju Lakhan Raj Rajvan. In In ‘Dholi Taro Dhol Waage’ the story and concept of the film have amplified its connect with music, making it even more exciting.  We are confident that the music of this film will become one of the biggest hits in the Gujarati film industry this year."

Govindbhai said, "Dholi Taaro Dhol Waage has music which is very lively and takes one to a totally different world. The music conveys love and togetherness which is the essence and feel of the film all through. I can proudly say that we, as a team have tried to accomplish something new which I am sure will appeal to the listeners."