BIG Music releases Al-Risalah music


MUMBAI: BIG Music & Home Entertainment has released the audio of Al-Risalah, the Hollywood film on the times and teachings of the Prophet of Islam. It has been directed by Moustapha Akkad, a pioneering Arabic director.  Director Moustapha Akkad wanted the story to be told in English so that people all around the world can understand the film. He also felt the need to pay a tribute to the Middle East, where it took place.
Two different versions of the film (one in English and the other in Arabic), were shot simultaneously, scene by scene. Two completely different sets of actors shared the same set. Once a scene had been established, one actor would play a character in one language, and then the whole scene reshot with his corresponding number speaking in the other language. The English version was released as The Message, while the Arabic version became Al-Risalah.

The movie is described as ‘The story of Islam’ put in its best form on motion picture. The film will be dubbed in Hindi now. The big strength of the dubbed version is its soundtrack. The movie includes the hit song Marhaba Mustapha, composed and sung by A R Rahman. The lyrics of the song are by Hazrat Khaja Sayed Sha Ameenulla Hussainy R.A.

Although there is only one song in the movie, the audio CD of Al-Risalah contains additional content including songs, teachings and preachings.

Syed Ahmed has penned four songs that have been composed by Raj Verma. Mohd Salamat has put his heart and soul in the rendition of the songs. The songs include Ya Rasoole Khudha and Nabiyun Ke Nabi.

The soundtrack is available in MC and CD format. The music will be available for downloads on all telecom operators. The company is planning the release of the home video by the end of this month.