Cinemax hosts Pranali music launch


Mumbai: Cinemax hosted the music album launch of the movie Pranali. It was held at the Red Lounge at Cinemax Versova, and music was launched by Jeetendra.
Guest list for the event included the movie’s star cast such as Nargis Bagheri, Pudit Birju Maharaj and Kailash Kher who has composed the music for this movie.

Pranali, directed by Hirdesh Kamble, is the story of a girl born in a small village on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra, whose childhood is yet full of pure innocence. But she falls prey to the downtrodden system of being a ‘Devdasi’.
She inadvertently becomes an object of desire with whom the so-called highly respected and well-known people of the society suffice their hunger for lust. Condemned to prostitution, her destiny takes a much-awaited turn when she decides to give birth to a new life which in turn gives her hope and adds zest to her life.