Creative launches ZEN X-Fi digital media player for music, video and photos


MUMBAI: Creative Technology Ltd. has launched the Creative ZEN X-Fi digital media player for music, video and photos: the only player to feature award-winning Xtreme Fidelity X-Fi audio technology.

The Creative ZEN X-Fi provides a breakthrough in sound quality for digital music with the X-Fi Crystalizer, a Creative audio technology that greatly improves music quality during playback. It does this by restoring the highs and lows that were lost during ripping to MP3, WMA or AAC formats, allowing you to listen to your music at a higher quality than was previously possible on any MP3 player.

With the Creative ZEN X-Fi, you can really experience your music with the sound quality of the original recordings. To truly deliver the ideal music listening experience, Creative is including a set of premium EP-830 in-ear earphones with every Creative ZEN X-Fi. Alternatively, share your great-sounding music with your friends by using the built-in speaker.

The benefits of the Xtreme Fidelity X-Fi audio technology don’t stop with music. The ZEN X-Fi also supports many video file formats, allowing you to view movies with accompanying soundtracks that now sound just as the studio intended.

"We’re very excited to achieve this breakthrough of adding our X-Fi audio technology to a ZEN player, setting the highest standard in audio quality for portable music players. Some of the top recording artists in the music industry are very outspoken about the poor quality of digital music. We addressed the issue of the poor quality of digital music by inventing X-Fi technology, which restores the quality of music that is lost during the digital ripping process, and now for the first time ever we’ve been able to implement this technology in a ZEN," said Creative Labs Asia associate marketing manager for India Leonard Yap.

Creative products are distributed in India by Cyberstar Infocom and India Digital Lifestyle Distributors. The Creative ZEN -Fi (8GB) is priced at Rs 13,599.