High Court bars Yahoo! to use T-Series’ video content


Mumbai: The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to Yahoo! and its Indian subsidiary Yahoo Web Services on a suit filed by Super Cassettes Industries Limited (SCIL), which owns music label T-Series.

T-Series obtained an interim injunction against Yahoo Inc. and Yahoo India from the Delhi HC. The suit had been filed for infringement of their copyright caused by unlicensed streaming of SCIL’s copyright works on Yahoo’s portal www.video.yahoo.com.

Earlier this year, a number of music videos whereof the copyright and publishing rights are owned and controlled by T-Series were located on Yahoo’s website. A cease and desist notice was sent to Yahoo! along with a sample list of infringing works and they were asked to remove all the contents that were owned by T-Series.

In response to the legal notice, Yahoo! reverted with their standard reply taking refuge under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), an American Law and asked T-Series to notify Yahoo! in accordance with DMCA.

In March end this year, another reminder notice was sent to Yahoo! India stating that the contents that were pointed out earlier were still not removed despite a legal notice and also additional contents were located on Yahoo!, copyright of which is owned by T-Series. An additional list of infringing material was sent to Yahoo!. However, Yahoo! chose to ignore and did not comply with the notices.

T-Series was then compelled to move the High Court of Delhi to protect its copyright. Along with issuing notice to Yahoo!, the High Court also passed an interim-injunction against Yahoo! and specifically ordered that Yahoo!, its officers, agents, servants and representatives are restrained from reproducing, adapting, distributing or transmitting in any manner on their website www.video.yahoo.com.

Late last year, T-Series had also moved the Delhi High Court against Google’s video sharing website YouTube on account of copyright infringement.