‘Kaun kenda hai’ my personal favourite: composer Raghav Sachar

Raghav Sachar
MUMBAI: The multi-talented composer Raghav Sachar, who has composed six songs for the forthcoming comedy "Bittoo Boss", says that "Kaun kenda hai" is closest to his heart at it explains a beautiful journey and has a spiritual touch to it.

" ‘Kaun kenda hai’ is my personal favourite song and came out really beautiful. The music of the song explains a beautiful journey," Sachar told IANS.

"Kaun kenda hai", a romantic number, is sung by Sonu Niigaam and Shreya Ghoshal.

"The song starts from an acoustic tone and it goes into qawwali mode in the end. The song gives a very satisfying feeling and ends up with the Alaap that takes listener to a spiritual level," said the composer.

The movie has two promotional songs – "Bittoo sab ki lega" and this song sung by Mika has already grabbed attention. And then there is "Audi" – Sachar along with Natalie Di Luccio has sung this techno number, which boasts of young spirit.

Sachar has sung one more song in the album.

Though the album has got a thumbs up, Sachar says making music for a movie is more challenging than producing an independent music album.

"I’ve done lot of independent music in the past. Independent music is something what you feel from within. It’s your own inspiration and an art which comes from inside. It’s pretty much reflects your state of mind and your situation," he said Sachar who earlier composed for "Kabul Express", "Sunday" and "One Two Three".

"Making music for a film is a totally different task. You’ve to work for someone else’s vision. So they will make you push to such levels, which you usually don’t explore. But it’s a positive thing for a musician" he added.

Directed by Supavitra Babul, "Bittoo Boss" will hit the screens Arpil 20.