Monica Bedi provides a Spiritual Touch with Universal Music


MUMBAI: Monica Bedi, who made a comeback into the entertainment industry with Bigg Boss 2, has been working on Ek Onkaar, which is a spiritual offering where she has rendered her voice. The album will be released by Universal Music.

The album is a compilation of the revered mantra of the Sikhs called Mool Mantra from the holy book of Sikhism, Guru Granth Saheb. It will be followed by 2 Pauris from Japji Saheb followed by, the ‘Simran’ of ‘Wahe Guru’.

Bedi says, "This album is homage to God as well as to convey my unshaken belief in him. This has helped me throughout the trials and tribulations of life. People think of me as strong and brave but I was totally lost till I surrendered myself to him and started praying and believing in him. As they say, faith can move mountains & that I’ve truly experienced. Hence with this album and a lot of guidance from Universal Music, I seek to reach this humble message across to everyone. I will be really honored if through this small endeavour of life, people are inspired to have ultimate faith in the Almighty Lord". Monica will be giving the entire amount that she earns from this album to charity.

Universal Music vice president A&R content Rajeeta Hemwani says, "2009 will see a lot of path breaking releases on the Punjabi front, and as you can see we recently released the album Indian Timing by Panjabi MC as well as launched a Punjabi star from Canada, Gurjit Rahal. Thus in the same vein but a different tune, we thought of endeavoring across genres, and setting our foot firm into the spiritual realm. This would be Universal’s first major spiritual release of the year. Monica was very keen in doing this album when we explained to her the concept of the album. Besides, she belongs to the Guru Nanak Bedi family, we thought she suited well and zeroed down on her voice."

The music of the album has been arranged by Anand Kurhekar of Inner Voice.